Decided! Is it true that these foods should not be eaten together?

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Some foods, when eaten alone, are delicious and have great benefits. But why is it that eating it with another food can cause harm to the body? beliefs that are passed on What has been said on the internet is true or not ? Health has the answer to confirm it again.


Do not eat tofu with honey?

They say that eating together will make you deaf.

The true story is It’s not true at all. There are no substances in tofu and honey that can cause deafness. If there is a recipe that must be eaten together, it will be delicious without any problem.

Do not eat potatoes and bananas?

He said it would make the face and skin blemishy.

The true story is There are no substances in potatoes and bananas that can harm the skin until it causes blemishes. Because blemishes are caused by sunlight, hormones, and medications you take. Cosmetics used, genetics, or lack of certain nutrients That makes the skin unable to protect itself from UV light enough.

Do not eat bananas and taro?

He said that eating them together makes you bloated.

The true story is There is a slight possibility because bananas and taro are foods that take a moderate amount of time to digest. If eaten together in large quantities Bloating may occur. caused by indigestion of food But if eaten in small quantities Probably not to the point of causing abnormal bloating.

Do not eat spinach with tofu?

He said that taking them together will cause spinal cord stones.

The true story is Spinal cord stones. Actually, the correct name of the disease is Plaque disease on the spine caused by the body’s aging It is caused by the body’s attempt to support torn structural tissue. and may cause problems When tartar sticks to the nerves Therefore, it is not related to these two types of food in any way.

Don’t eat bananas, papaya and watermelon together?

He said that eating them together will cause kidney disease and diabetes .

The true story is The cause of kidney disease and diabetes does not come from eating these three types of food because diabetes is caused by genetics. and the behavior of eating sweet food Kidney disease also comes from the habit of eating salt. And there are many reasons. But it is not related to these 3 fruits in any way. Except you are already a patient of these 2 diseases. You must be careful with fruits and vegetables that contain sugar. and/or high potassium

Do not eat oranges and lemons?

They say that the acidity of oranges and lemons will harm the stomach. causing the stomach to perforate

The true story is This is not true because the pH level in oranges and lemons is less acidic than the stomach’s gastric juice.

Do not drink white liquor with beer?

He said that drinking together would cause a stroke.

The true story is Even though it’s not directly true. However Alcohol is bad. Drink a lot It can also cause disease, health deterioration, weakness and death.

Do not eat durian with alcohol/ soft drinks?

He said that eating them together will cause death.

The true story is There is some truth to it. Especially those with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. When eating durian and alcohol/soft drinks together which is a food with high energy or both are high in sugar It will cause the blood sugar level to be high as well. The body experiences abnormally high heat. and causes severe dehydration of the body Resulting in symptoms of hot flashes, trembling, drowsiness, vomiting, nausea, to the point of losing consciousness or death. (In case of eating in large quantities)

In most cases, this is not true. But there are some things that you should be careful of as well. The safe way is Don’t eat any type of food over and over again. or too much Choose to eat a variety of foods, a little bit at a time. Helps spread risk and reduce the problem of malnutrition as well