5 healthy foods Eating too much will harm yourself!

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Healthy ladies and young men who love health will enjoy shopping for clean food happily. Whatever they say is good, prepare it in its entirety, don’t let it be lacking. You will have good health as you hope, but where can you get superfoods that are said to be divine? Eating a lot of them can be harmful to your body as well. Have your friends secretly bought something to eat? Check quickly.

5 healthy foods Eating too much will harm yourself!

1. Whey protein

Top health foods that many fitness people Especially men must consume it all the time. In order to clearly build muscle. But if you eat too much whey protein or contact each other for too long May increase your risk of developing osteoporosis. The liver and kidneys can work so hard that they fail.

2. Chia seeds

Anyone who is maintaining a slim figure Often running to find chia seeds Looks like basil seeds But the nutrients are many times more. Provides fullness but low calorie energy. But if you eat too much, you may experience bloating. and people with stomach and intestinal problems, such as gas in the stomach Heartburn and acid reflux can cause the pancreas to stimulate the production of even more gastric juice. It is also not suitable for people with low blood pressure. pregnant woman and men with prostate problems as well

3. Quinoa

Another superfood that health lovers must know. Quinoa can be eaten like rice. Or sprinkle it on salad. It’s even better if you make it in place of other carbohydrates. It’s loaded with good nutrients. But don’t forget that quinoa is a high-energy food. See small pellets like this: 1 cup of quinoa provides 110 kilocalories of energy. Therefore, if you cook it in a pot and eat 2-3 ladles per meal, you may get too much energy.

4. Flax seeds

Flaxseed or flaxseed has the effect of reducing blood clotting. Therefore, anyone who is taking medicine that reduces blood clotting You may have to stop flaxseed for now. In addition, pregnant women and people with intestinal problems It may not be suitable for eating flaxseed.

5. Avocado

Who has a little more money? You might be attracted to this green fruit with its nutty taste. Healthy Westerners often spread it on bread instead of butter. Some Thai people like to blend them into smoothies instead of other sweet fruits. But if you eat a lot of avocados, you can become fat because they are high-energy fruits. 1 serving provides more than 300 kilocalories of energy.

As many People have probably heard it before. that everything must follow the middle path You can eat nutritious food. But you have to eat just enough. and choose to eat a variety So that you won’t eat the same thing over and over until the useful things turn out to be harmful to your ยูฟ่าเบท body. It’s a pity instead.