A Baccarat card game that is more than winning and losing.

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Let’s continue with Baccarat as I have said that these two types of cards have some points in common. Now let’s look at the first difference. That is, this type of cards will be dealt to the player’s side (Player) and the banker’s side (Banker) 2 each side first. Then will come to measure the points to see which side will get the closest to 9 points. (The highest score of this game is 9 points). Which the method of counting the UFABET card points of Baccarat will be counted as follows.

A Baccarat card game that is more than winning and losing.
  • The 10 and J, Q, K cards are worth 0 points.
  • A cards are worth 1 point.
  • Cards with faces as numbers have points equal to the number on the face of the card

For card counting, the first two cards received are added together. Then take only the unit digits to measure together. For example, A+9 = 10 will be considered as 0 points or 5 + 8 = 13 will be considered as 3 points, etc.

In addition, baccarat also has rules about drawing a 3rd card, which are quite complicated. The dealer or the dealer will take care of this when, when, which side will draw the 3rd card, although we do not need to remember. Should also study about drawing the 3rd card as well because many people tend to misunderstand that they are cheated by the dealer. In fact, it was because I was misunderstood. and did not go to study and find information here as well